GlobalSkillz International HipHop Festival

The Project

GlobalSkillz is an annual festival with a programme spanning all aspects of the HipHop culture, featuring dance workshops, graffiti sessions, battles, and jams.

I contributed the event website and designed t-shirts for participants and staff.



Starting from a previous year's flyer bitmap, I first had to vectorize the individual graphical elements, which were supposed to be coloured and arranged differently this year and which were also needed for the t-shirt designs.


Mobile-friendly Logo Animation

There was no time/budget to create a truly responsive website, so I went for a one-size-fits-all layout that would still work on mobile devices by relying on their auto-zoom capabilities.

One advanced feature we did want, however, was a globe animation to reflect the international orientation of the event. And we wanted the animation to also work on mobile and other non-flash browsers. The solution is based on a cut-out with two world images moving in opposite directions behind the circular mask and, together with a gradient overlay, creating the illusion of a spinning globe. So the animation could be implemented with JavaScript, CSS, and a few semi-transparent PNG graphics.



At festivals it is often tricky to remember the names of other participants met at a dance jam, workshop, or party. Additionally, GlobalSkillz attracts not only dancers but also graffiti artists and creative people in general. So we came up with a shirt design that allowed everyone to add their own personal style to their wear.